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Unit Titles Act regulations consultation

Department of Building and Housing, Thu 29 Apr 10 7:21 PM

We would like your views on proposals for regulations to support the Unit Titles Act 2010 (the Act).

Discussion paper on Unit Title Act regulations, Thu 29 Apr 10 7:19 PM

Phil Heatley - Housing Minister Phil Heatley has today released a discussion paper on proposed regulations to support the new Unit Titles Act.

Review of the Unit Titles Act 1972

Department of Building and Housing, Thu 1 Apr 10 7:15 PM

The Unit Titles Act is the law governing building developments where multiple owners hold a type of property ownership known as a unit title.

New law for apartment blocks passed, Thu 1 Apr 10 1:13 PM

Maurice Williamson - The Unit Titles Act 2010, which is the primary legislation relating to the creation and management of developments such as apartment blocks, was passed into law by Parliament today.

Apartment owner turfed out for repairs

NZ Herald, Sat 23 Jan 10 5:00 AM

A South Auckland apartment owner refused to budge so the country's largest leaky building could be repaired - so his neighbours turfed him out.Nicklaus Barnett, who lived in the 153-unit Sacramento complex at 2 Armoy Drive, put...