D.I.Y. Services

"The hassle free way to maintain the value of your property investment"

What kind of Reserve Study do I need?

Online D.I.Y. Reserve Study

If you are a small organisation with few common assets, and/or you’re budget-conscious, this level of service may be exactly what you need!

Use our systems to:

  • Complete your physical analysis and upload along with your financial details, to our online programme.
  • Our professional Reserve Analysis team will then review the data and create a New Recommended Funding Plan and Annual Report.

Online D.I.Y. Update

If you have an existing Reserve Study in place and you’re confident your component inventory is accurate, then simply:

  • Enter and upload your financial information.
  • Your new annual report will be produced.

Test your Reserves

Do you have a Maintenance Plan from another organisation? Would you like to check to see if your reserve fund level is adequate?

This free online service will give you the benefit of an independent assessment to check your reserve fund level is appropriate.

Contact us now to talk about which of these services is most appropriate for you. We’re looking forward to talking with you.