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Townhouse residents bid to buy their land

NZ Herald, Mon 28 Sep 09 5:00 AM

Residents of one of New Zealand's largest high-density housing estates are negotiating to buy their land.Townhouse owners in the 2.2ha 258-unit Beaumont Quarter estate opposite Victoria Park on the fringes of central Auckland...

Council's leaky homes claims soar to $240m

NZ Herald, Thu 17 Sep 09 4:00 AM

Auckland City is dealing with $240 million of leaky homes claims, the highest in New Zealand for any one council.Yesterday it issued a list of active claims showing 42 multi-unit cases claiming $201,433,000 and 94 single houses...

Unit Titles Act to be overhauled

The National Business Review, Mon 9 Mar 09 7:24 AM

The Unit Titles Act 1972 is set to be changed, affecting body corporates and consent processes for multi-unit developments, if the new Bill read on Thursday is passed.

Apartment owner's costly mistake

NZ Herald, Sun 4 Jan 09 5:00 AM

Elizabeth Biddle sits with her cat Lily in her little flat near Auckland's Newton Gully. A fake Christmas tree brightens up the place, but she doesn't feel much like celebrating. There is a summary judgment lying on the kitchen...

Bill to modernise apartment laws set for introduction, Mon 28 Apr 08 4:02 PM

A Bill to modernise apartment-ownership and body corporate laws – The Unit Titles Bill – will be introduced to Parliament shortly by Building and Construction Minister Shane Jones.