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Bill introduced to modernise unit titles law

The Local Authority Property Association (Inc), Mon 1 Dec 08 3:26 PM

A bill to help apartment owners and bodies corporate to manage their property more effectively was introduced to Parliament today by Building and Construction Minister Shane Jones.

BRANZ House Condition Survey summary 2005 / Home maintenance spending missing the mark

BRANZ, Mon 1 Dec 08 1:09 PM

The BRANZ 2005 House Condition Survey points to many Kiwis still being overly optimistic about the state of their homes, while ignoring basic maintenance.


BRANZ, Mon 1 Dec 08 1:00 PM

This report summarises the results of on-site inspections of the physical condition of 565 houses during 2004 and 2005.

Apartment owners get new power in disputes

NZ Herald, Mon 28 Apr 08 5:00 AM

The Government is about to introduce long-awaited law changes giving aggrieved apartment owners new avenues to settle disputes with their bodies corporate. But they will also make it harder dwellers to be the lone voice against...

Rich pickings in property

NZ Herald, Sun 16 Mar 08 6:00 AM

Tall poppies are spending up large as developers continue to reap rich pickings at the high end of the property market. With crippling interest rates and a downturn in sales affecting most of the market, the wealthy are still buying...