"Am I putting aside the right amount to cover my future property maintenance?"

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Property Reserve Planning and Administration (PRPA) provide New Zealand’s market leading long term maintenance planning service.

Our service provides property owners and committee members with a comprehensive solution that forecasts the ongoing maintenance requirements of a property, including a funding plan that is tailored to suit the individual needs of each particular Body Corporate. The funding plan is a cash flow forecast that gives ‘Unit Title’ holder’s clear, specific direction and confidence that their Body Corporate will have sufficient funds available to maintain their asset at an optimal level over 30 years.

For PRPA, setting aside funds for future maintenance expenditure goes far beyond simple excel spreadsheets! In addition to a comprehensive building inspection and survey, it involves a review of current and past levies, a review of ‘affordability’, inflation allowances and cash flow modelling to come up with funding scenarios and options that are discussed with our Clients. Accuracy of forecasting and cash flow analysis is important as the new Act only allows for a 10% overrun on any one item.

It is no simple task being on the Committee of a Body Corporate or Property syndicate – the fiduciary duties of such a role have increased as a result of the new Act and members need to be prudent and proactive.

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If you have an existing plan from another organisation and want to check your compliance with the new Unit Titles Act 2010 giving you peace of mind that the fiduciary duties of your body corporate and ultimately the value of your assets are being professionally managed.
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