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What kind of Reserve Study do I need?

Full Reserve Study

Our most comprehensive service, and the best choice for properties doing a Reserve Plan for the first time. It includes:

  • A full onsite inspection of the property, detailing all components, their remaining useful lives, and replacement cost expressed in a component inventory.
  • Financial analysis and calculation of the organization’s current Reserve Fund (Sinking Fund).
  • Preparation and presentation of a Recommended Funding Plan in a thorough Annual Report.

Update with Inventory Review

Ideal if you have an existing Reserve Plan in place. This should be completed at least every three years. It provides:

  • A periodic update and onsite review of the component inventory, remaining useful lives and current replacement cost, plus quantification of any new components.
  • Review of the recommended funding plan and amendment if required.
  • A new Annual Report.


If you already have an existing Reserve Plan, and you’re confident your component inventory is accurate. This update will enable you to set your annual budget, based on quality independent information. This involves:

  • An annual update and review of your financial information.
  • Preparation of a new Annual Report.

Contact us now to talk about which of these services is most appropriate for you. We’re looking forward to talking with you.