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"Five years ago, we tried to find a specialist to help create a long term maintenance plan for our property in Taupo. When no one could provide what we needed we carved our own path. Today PRPA’s bespoke system is the market leader - providing comprehensive Reserve Plans for prudent property owners and Body Corporate's throughout New Zealand. By continuously improving our services we strive to help New Zealanders plan the maintenance of the biggest asset that most will ever own.”

Duncan Ashford Managing Director

With a background in property construction, building surveying and substantial experience in Body Corporate management of a wide range of property types, we are perfectly placed to give you professional, independent services. We are specialists in preparing Reserve Studies and LTMP Plans for all types of properties, including residential apartments, timeshare resorts and commercial property.

We offer you:

  • Over 25 years’ experience throughout the NZ property market.
  • Proven Software for property maintenance planning.
  • Friendly, professional, expert advice.

We focus on providing high quality comprehensive reports and excellent ongoing services which meet your needs efficiently and professionally.

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Duncan Ashford

Duncan enjoys working closely with clients to develop Reserve Planning strategies that achieve their financial goals. His extensive hands-on information technology and management experience in the construction industry includes producing an LTMP for New Zealand’s largest apartment building complex. Always looking for new ways to improve the service offered to our growing client base, Duncan is a key driver of the company’s technology infrastructure and systems development.


We provide New Zealand's only online Asset Management Software allowing cost effective Do It Yourself updates 24/7 to maintain a live working document.

Our services will give you:

  • An independent, professional review with no conflict of interest.
  • Peace of mind that your assets are being professionally maintained.
  • Assurance that your reserve contribution to future asset maintenance is accurately and expertly calculated.
  • 30-year maintenance plan to ensure all major expenses are included.
  • Assurance that your Body Corporate is compliant with the new Unit Titles Act 2010.

We employ Chartered Building Surveyors with over 20 years experience in long term maintenance planning and building inspections to provide the technical and strategic advice required in preparing our Long-term maintenance plans. Our surveyors provide a professional approach and bring with them a clear understanding of the impacts of deferring maintenance expenditure and how to manage maintenance risk to enable better asset management decisions and improve building performance. Our software provides a superior report and financial planning model that allows us to meet the clients requirements without overlooking important financial factors such as inflation, interest and planned special assessments. The end result is a LTMP that allows the body corporate to accurately forecast their long-term requirements and evenly distribute sinking fund contributions over current and future owners.

If you need to ensure that today’s reserve contributions will meet the future maintenance requirements of your properties, then you need to contact us now!

What is a Reserve Study & LTMP?

A Reserve Study is an essential tool for assessing and planning the future maintenance requirements for your properties assets.

A Long-term maintenance plan will:

  • Help you maintain the value of your investment.
  • Enable you to budget appropriately.
  • Ensure maintenance is undertaken in a methodical, planned way.
  • Ensure that costs are distributed fairly among multiple owners.
  • Avoid large unexpected costs.
  • Help a Body Corporate to meet its legal obligations to maintain the value of the property.

Reserve Studies have two components:

Physical Analysis – involving:
Compiling an accurate inventory list of included assets.
Determining the useful life of each asset, and the inflated cost to repair and/or replace them in future years when required.

Financial Analysis – involving
Assessing current reserve fund levels and annual contributions.

The Reserve Study brings together these two components within the LTMP to structure a new Recommended Funding Plan.

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