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Govt's swift action over leaky homes loophole earns praise

NZ Herald, Wed 23 May 07 5:00 AM

Leaky building experts yesterday praised the Government for moving fast to close a legal loophole which might have deprived rotting home victims of getting money for their mental distress and anxiety.John Gray of the Leaky Homes...

Taxman closes in on property speculators

NZ Herald, Fri 18 May 07 5:00 AM

Property speculators who are reaping millions of dollars from the super-heated housing market are about to feel the heat from a tough new tax crackdown.Finance Minister Michael Cullen said Inland Revenue would get an extra $14.6...

Auckland house prices almost double in 9 years

NZ Herald, Thu 17 May 07 5:00 AM

Auckland house prices have nearly doubled in the past nine years, leaping from a median $235,000 in 1998 to $452,000 last month.Prices rose 92 per cent in the Auckland region from April 1998 to last month.New Real Estate Institute...

Apartment owners rubbish $79 charge

NZ Herald, Thu 10 May 07 5:00 AM

About 10,000 apartment owners in central Auckland are facing a $79 annual rubbish charge from the Auckland City Council - though they pay private contractors to clear their bins.Jacquie Turner, who owns five apartments in the...

Leaky homes battler claims legal bills swallowed most of compo cash

NZ Herald, Thu 10 May 07 5:00 AM

A woman's battle to win compensation in a landmark leaky homes case has moved onto another front - a dispute over the size of the legal bill.Colleen Dicks said last night she wished she had "not attempted to get justice". Her...