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We are delighted to be the main sponsors of Jaden Hassan and JH Racing. We have a long association with motorsport and are now very proud to be able to support Jaden who is one of New Zealand’s top up and coming young motorcycle racing riders.

Jaden, at 17, is one of the youngest competitors in his field – currently riding 600cc Superstock bikes. He has recently attracted the attention of Graeme Crosby, former NZ champion motorcyclist, who recently took him to Japan to represent New Zealand in the last round of their national Championships at Suzuka.

The following is a clip from Motorcycle News -

“Surprise of the series is 17 year old Jaden Hassan, who bested in both races 600 Supers favourite Glen Skachill, of Wellington, himself unbeaten during last year’s Suzuki Tri-Series. The Aucklander started each race behind early leaders and Suzuki GSXR600 riders Skachill and Dennis Charlett (Christchurch), but valiantly fought through on his Yamaha R6, taking full advantage of his home track knowledge.

Hassan recently returned from a one-off race in Japan arranged by Kiwi legend Graeme Crosby, and Hassan attributes much of his success to Crosby’s mentoring. Hassan rode with healing broken left toes yet set a new lap record, “In Japan Crosby helped me to understand what I was doing wrong on the bike with my riding and how to go around the corner rather than just go into it and out. It genuinely helped! I’ve been working on that over the last couple of weeks and on my throttle control trying to smooth my riding out,” Hassan explains.

Hassan would be thrilled to repeat his victories at Manfield on Saturday where Skachill will be very difficult to beat. “It’s going to really tough, especially with that new Suzuki and the mid-range power it has launching off the corners. My Yamaha is a least as good in the top end if not a little quicker, so we have some strengths and weaknesses but we’ll play to our strengths.”

You can find out more about Jaden by following him on Facebook.